One short story, one successful recipe

One short story, one successful recipe

We live fast, cook fast, eat more than twice a day, we care more about our health, we love our free time. It was not always so. In the future however it will increase more and more!

And for all of the above reasons, the brand Freskoulis launched and offered to the market ready-to-eat salads. Ten years ago and for the first time in Greece of the Olympic Games, Eurocatering SA introduced to the Greeks the advantages of a fresh, thoroughly washed and ready to be served vegetable salad. From then until today Freskoulis has created new product lines, giving a solution to all of us who are looking for a nutritious and tasty meal or snack that saves time at work or at home. Next to the vegetable salads line, salad meals, healthy snacks, fresh leaves and salad dressings have been added.

Each product is a unique combination of great taste, highlighting the fresh and thoroughly washed vegetables and quality ingredients.

The vegetables used in all Freskoulis products, are grown and ripen on the Greek earth beneath the Greek sun, with the care of experienced farmers who cooperate with us years. They are collected daily and transported with care in our facilities where they undergo quality control, are cut and washed over and over again in pure water, packaged in a protective atmosphere from modern machinery, protected and transported in ideal conditions.

With Freskoulis products it is so easy to eat right!